How virtual reality is revolutionizing amblyopia treatment

Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, is a visual disorder that affects many people around the world. In this article, we will explore how virtual reality is revolutionizing amblyopia treatment, offering innovative benefits and promising results. Through real success stories and technological advances in the therapy of […]

Transforming optometry: the power of vision therapy

The field of optometry is facing a significant challenge, as optometrists increasingly focus on selling optical products such as lenses and eyeglasses, rather than prioritizing the clinical aspect of their work. This lack of focus on the clinical aspect has led to a gap in providing comprehensive eye care to patients. However, there is a solution that can revolutionize the field of optometry and close this gap: vision therapy.

What is Amblyopia? A Guide for Parents

Introduction on Lazy Eye in Children The most common question after a diagnosis is to know what amblyopia is. Amblyopia, commonly known as "lazy eye," is a condition that can affect children's visual development. But what exactly is lazy eye in children and how can it be treated? In this […]

Summer Lazy Eye Treatment: How To Avoid Setbacks In Lazy Eye Recovery

Maintaining eye health during the summer can be a challenge, especially for children undergoing treatment for lazy eye or amblyopia. Changes in routine, vacations, and outdoor activities can interrupt regular vision therapy, which can result in flashbacks. However, with the right strategy, it is possible to maintain progress and ensure optimal eye health. Vision therapy should be kept as part of the daily routine, even while on vacation. Eye protection, eye rest, and visual stimulation activities are essential to maintaining visual health. Dicopt, an innovative solution using virtual reality to treat lazy eye, can be a valuable ally in this process, providing effective and engaging therapy that can be tailored to individual needs.

Impact of the Child Visual System on Adult Vision

Children's eye health is crucial for adult eyesight. At Dicopt, we promote visual care from the first years of life.

Monocular training in binocular field

Beyond strict occlusion, in the monocular phase at the beginning of a visual therapy treatment, the following exercises are exercised: accommodation, ocular motility, recognition of forms, discrimination of stimuli, work with the amblyopic eye, suppressing the vision of the dominant one so that get as close as possible to […]

Study on solutions for amblyopia in adults

A study shows how, through adequate stimulation, amblyopia in adults can improve through adequate stimulation of neuronal plasticity. The project 'Imaging function and dysfunction of neuronal circuits in the visual cortex' carried out by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam), funded by […]

Virtual Reality: in favor of saving

It is not an exaggeration to say that new technologies favor our ability to save in several ways. At V-Vision we have been in close contact with Virtual Reality for many years: we have seen it grow and we continue to be part of its development through thick and thin. If we did not believe in the benefits that […]

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Medical Devices

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are here to stay, and the good news is that their applications go far beyond mere entertainment. Within the medical sector, on the one hand, it allows the creation of virtual content for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and on the other, it facilitates the monitoring of the evolution and uses of the patient by […]

lazy eye pension

If you have been diagnosed with amblyopia or lazy eye, it is likely that you have wondered if this pathology can be considered a disability or handicap and, in that case, if you may be entitled to receive a lazy eye pension. The first thing you should know is that visual impairment occurs when there is a […]

Can lazy eye get worse?

Function of the Visual System From the moment we are born, our visual system begins to develop. In this process of evolution, the eyes capture and transmit the images to the brain, while the visual cortex is in charge of processing and interpreting them. When something interferes in this process, it affects the development that we mentioned […]

Are there contact lenses for the lazy eye?

There are several treatment methods for amblyopia or lazy eye and the use of contact lenses is among them. The most traditional and the one that may come to mind first as soon as we hear the concept of amblyopia or lazy eye is the patch. However, the use of contact lenses can also […]

Lazy eye or amblyopia operation

Surely you have heard, as a last resort, surgery as a treatment to cure amblyopia or lazy eye. We must remember, as we have already commented in other articles on this blog to which we recommend you go to broaden your knowledge regarding amblyopia, that before hearing anything related to surgery, there are many […]

Lazy eye disability in adults

Generally, there is confusion when it comes to talking about visual impairment, because terms that are related are dealt with, but there are differences. Now, from what percentage of decrease in visual acuity is it considered handicap? Well, the first thing to clarify when we talk about lazy eye in adults is that this problem […]

Improve amblyopia with virtual reality games

How to improve amblyopia with virtual reality games? The article that you are going to read below details how it is possible to correct amblyopia or lazy eye with video games thanks to the treatment that we have developed at Dicopt with Virtual Reality, offering gratifying results for both patients and parents of children […]

Alternatives to the patch to cure lazy eye

What are the alternatives to the patch to cure lazy eye? When the ophthalmologist detects a case of amblyopia or lazy eye in your child, surely the solution that comes to mind first is a patch. However, in the paragraphs that follow you will find other alternatives to cure lazy eye, as well […]

At what age does lazy eye appear?

When does lazy eye or amblyopia appear? We are aware of the concern that parents may have when diagnosed with amblyopia or lazy eye in their child. It is for this reason that at Dicopt we are aware of explaining everything you need to know about amblyopia; in this case, on a question […]

Advantages of Dicopt to cure lazy eye

Curing the lazy eye Dicopt is a solution based on Virtual Reality that allows the patient to treat the lazy eye through video games, reducing recovery time compared to more traditional methods. Our experts assure that the results obtained are very positive in terms of vision recovery […]

What are the causes of blindness?

Causes of Blindness There are many common causes of visual impairment and blindness. However, the incidence of these varies considerably between the two conditions. The main causes of visual impairment in any degree can be: Macular degeneration. It is an ocular disorder that generates blurred central vision […]

Lazy eye consequences

What is amblyopia? Amblyopia, better known as "lazy eye", is a decrease in visual acuity without any organic lesion that justifies it. There may be some defect in the eye, such as myopia, but this does not justify the loss of vision. The weaker eye receives […]

What is strabismus in children?

Strabismus in Children Childhood strabismus is a visual defect that consists of the loss of parallelism of the eyes, so that each eye looks in one direction. As a consequence, an abnormal deviation of one or both eyes occurs in one of the gaze positions. There are different types of strabismus, depending […]

The telehealth revolution in vision therapy for amblyopia

The unstoppable advance of the digitalization of health care and in the treatment of lazy eye The patient in the center There is a growing evidence that supports the need to place more and more patients in the center of the new models of medical care and in evolution. The governing bodies of […]

Scientific evidence in the treatment of amblyopia

Scientific evidence is fundamental in the use of technology to treat lazy eye. Why do we believe in clinical trials and tests to treat amblyopia? All scientific and technological progress, in any field, always goes hand in hand with the rigor of scientific tests and the evidence demonstrated by […]

hear us on the radio

Listen to us, we will tell you what Dicopt is and how our project was born. Let us tell you “in person” what Dicopt is and the benefits we are seeing in our patients. We would also like to share with you the beginnings of our project. We believe it is important to know the people behind the products we use every day, and […]

How often should I take my child to have his eyes checked?

How often should I take my child to have his eyes checked? When certain visual skills are undeveloped or underdeveloped, learning is difficult and stressful. A child may not tell us that she has a vision problem because she may think that the way he sees is the way […]

5% of the global population does not see 3D. Do you want to know why?

About 5% of the global population has amblyopia that makes 3D vision impossible. Several studies have shown that more than half of adults have binocular vision problems and therefore could have problems seeing 3D. Many people see a two-dimensional or flat world and don't know it because […]

Visual skills for effective learning

Vision is more than the ability to see clearly or have 20/20 vision. It is also the ability to understand and respond to what is seen. There are many basic visual skills beyond seeing clearly that are important in supporting academic success. All children must have the following skills […]

Virtual reality to treat amblyopia

What is amblyopia? Amblyopia is a visual development disorder that consists of a reduction in best-corrected visual acuity in one eye normally, without the presence of any ocular pathology. Neurological research in recent years has provided a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying visual loss in this […]

Importance of vision in child development

What is the importance of vision in child development? Up to the age of 12, children obtain 80% of their knowledge through visual learning. This includes activities such as reading, writing, viewing diagrams, movies and pictures, and generally interacting with their environment. Vision conditions are associated with the inability of a […]

World Health Day

How often do you visit the eye doctor or an eye specialist? We may think that these types of consultations are not as necessary as those of other specialists, we cannot be more wrong, in fact, we should consider visiting the opticians as a "preventive maintenance" for the rest of your body. The eyes […]

How to choose sunglasses for my child?

How to choose sunglasses for my child? Children under the age of 10 are at high risk of skin and eye damage from ultraviolet rays. The skin on the eyelids and around the eyes is more delicate and vulnerable than adult skin. Besides, the […]

Cure lazy eye with VR therapy and video games

Therapy for Amblyopia or Lazy Eye Conventional amblyopia therapy typically consists of correction of any significant refractive error and occlusion of the non-amblyopic eye to encourage use of the amblyopic eye. This usually involves patching the child's eye. The disadvantages of therapy […]

How important is sight in our children's learning?

Early arrest of lazy eye is very important.

Prevention and care of the eyes in the little ones

Prevention and care of the eyes in the little ones Have you ever wondered what is true in the things that we have been told about how to protect our eyes? For example, you will have heard a thousand times that sitting very close to the television or the computer will make us blind; But that [...]

What is visual-spatial intelligence?

Visual intelligence is the ability to visualize, remember images or details, and be aware of our surroundings. Have you ever been told that he has an eye for detail or that he has a good memory? Are you able to correctly calculate the distance between two objects? Are you able to imagine and visualize what a room would be […]

How does ehealth technology benefit patients and doctors?

How does ehealth technology benefit patients and doctors? Telemedicine applications allow specialists to optimize services in a way that benefits both the quality of patient care and the overhead that comes with it. eHealth technology is improving the quality of healthcare, particularly in rural settings. This [...]

Technology available to healthcare

Technology available to healthcare The technology and telecommunications sector has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. Due to the arrival of covid19, digitization has greatly accelerated in aspects that seemed impossible to us, such as education or health. An opportunity has been created without [...]

Technology, a great ally in healthcare

Technology is a great ally in healthcare Technology has come to society to stay, that is something we are clear about. For some time now, technology has changed almost all areas of our lives; from how to interact, how to buy to how to open the door of our house. It is true that there [...]

The importance of early detection of lazy eye

How important is early detection of lazy eye As we have seen in previous posts, amblyopia is a common cause of reduced vision in children. This week we tell you about the importance of early detection. Amblyopia, poor vision due to abnormal development of vision, is a very [...]

How important is the commitment of the patient in the effectiveness of Vision Therapy?

Three important pillars 3 pillars are needed for visual therapy to be effective: The commitment of the patient and his environment. Skills and specialist training. Follow-up and regular evaluations of the patient's evolution. Children's affinity for technology and especially mobile and gaming devices is something [...]

Pilot study: evolution of visual acuity in amblyopia patients using 3D glasses systems

Evolution of visual acuity in patients with amblyopia using 3D glasses systems

Video games as part of therapies

Video games as part of visual therapies

New technologies in the treatment of lazy eye

  We also recommend that you subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with our news and receive exclusive offers. Bibliography Eastgate, R., Griffiths, G., Waddingham, P., Moody, A., Butler, T., Cobb, S., . . . Brown, S. (2006). Modified virtual reality technology for treatment of amblyopia. Eye, 20(3), 370. Ziak, P., Holm, […]

How to detect a lazy eye?

How to detect a lazy eye? As we told you in our previous post, amblyopia or lazy eye is a developmental disorder in which a person's eyes do not work properly together to produce clear vision. Amblyopia manifests itself during a child's infancy and often occurs in a [...]

What are the causes of amblyopia or lazy eye?

What are the causes of amblyopia or lazy eye? Amblyopia or lazy eye occurs when one eye has reduced visual acuity (manifested as blurred vision) and the other eye sees normally, but the brain only processes the vision of this eye, also called dominant. Anything that obstructs vision in [...]