Technology, a great ally in healthcare

Technology is a great ally in healthcare

Technology has come to society to stay, that is something that we are clear about. For some time now, technology has changed almost all areas of our lives; from how to interact, how to buy to how to open the door of our house.

It is true that there are sectors in which it is costing more for technological advances to arrive or that we are afraid of changing from analog to technological. One of those fields in which we do not trust technology so much is in health. It seems that if a doctor does not see us or if we do not have the patient in front of us, we are not going to treat them the same or something can escape, is that really the case? NO.

It is true that there are appointments with specialists that are necessary, but not 100% of the visits we make to a doctor are, in fact we have been seeing it since the arrival of Covi19.

Technology has been driving a revolution in healthcare. Digital health tools have enormous potential to improve the ability to accurately diagnose and treat disease and improve patient care delivery.

Digital health technologies use computing platforms, connectivity, software, and sensors for healthcare and related uses. 

digital tools

Digital tools give professionals greater control over the health of their patients, as there are some that allow real-time progress to be seen without the need for the patient to go through the consultation. In the case of specialists, it would not be necessary for the patient to travel every X time to see the progress and improvement, it would be necessary to talk to him and see the marked parameters.

Benefits of technology

Some of the benefits that health workers are perceiving from technology applied to health are the following:

  •       Time optimization
  •       Better quality of care for patients who really need to be seen or when they have to go to their appointments
  •       Costs reduction.
  •       Treatments and more specialized follow-up for the patient
  •       Better access to data by patients. They will be able to see your progress just like the doctor, being informed will always be more motivated to continue improving.

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