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Return of the Dicopt equipment.

One modality to access the necessary equipment to use Dicopt is the rental option.

Once the therapy is finished, we ask our clients to return the equipment to us. The process is very simple. Just click on the button below to send us an email with your information and the best time to pick it up.

We take care of the collection of the equipment through courier. You must put it in the Dicopt box and paste the label that we will send you by mail.

The game controller no longer connects with my mobile

Sometimes it happens that the Dicopt game controller stops connecting automatically with our mobile phone when pressing the central button (home) of the command.

In these cases, we recommend restarting the binding process.

1. The first step is to unpair the game controller and your mobile phone:

2. Once we have unlinked them (forgotten), we will proceed to link the Dicopt game controller with your mobile phone as the first time:

3. The successive times you want to connect the Dicopt game controller with your mobile phone, both will "remember" each other and you only have to press the central button of the controller (home) to automatically connect to your phone.

4. After each Dicopt game session you can turn off the game controller with this simple action:

I want to see the screen while the patient is using Dicopt

Dicopt is an app for the mobile phone, which is inserted into the virtual reality viewer for the patient to do the therapy. Therefore, the screen is hidden and only the patient can see it.

Current smartphones integrate the functionality of screen mirroring to a smart TV or similar devices.

If you do not have this function, we invite you to use this alternative to duplicate the smartphone screen while the patient uses it:

Let'sView app

This application allows you to see on your PC what appears on the screen of your smartphone.

The steps are:

  1. Install LetsView:
    • If you have PC, here
    • If you have a Mac, here
  2. Install the smartphone app:
    • If you have Android, here
    • If you have an iPhone, here
  3. Follow the instructions in the computer application and in the smartphone application to be able to connect them.

If you have a problem that we don't explain here, please contact us to help you as soon as possible.