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San Carlos Clinical Hospital

🎓 Health product with proven efficacy

More than 200 patients
have been treated with Dicopt
in more than 50 collaborating centers

🎯 Get rid of lazy eye in half the time

75% of patients recover
in half the time compared to those who only use a patch

🤩 Happier children

A multitude of studies have shown that a motivating and fun therapy improves the happiness of the patient

🔝 Lower abandonment rate

The commitment of patients using Dicopt is 86%, compared to 40%. of patients using the patch alone

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Dicopt: Medical device to treat amblyopia or lazy eye through virtual reality (VR)

Dicopt is a VR-based solution that allows the patient to treat lazy eye through video games, thus reducing patch usage times.

Make your kids love lazy eye treatment with Dicopt's virtual reality games!

We have verified with real patients of ophthalmologists and optometrists how Dicopt binocular training helps to improve visual acuity and stereopsis. Specifically, examples like these:

  • visual acuity improvement: 0.6 to 0.8 after eight weeks of starting Dicopt.
  • Stereopsis improvement: from 240″ to 120″ after eight weeks of starting Dicopt.

In the videos you will see the clinical cases and the testimony of Beatriz, Víctor's mother.

Read the testimony of mothers and ophthalmologists

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The sooner we start treatment for lazy eye, the more effective the therapy will be and the faster we will achieve results.

Download the Dicopt app on your mobile to access visual therapy with virtual reality games. An app to take therapy wherever the family is.

This is not a video game, it is a lazy eye treatment with scientific evidence

Treat the lazy eye by playing: the most fun and effective virtual reality therapy.

vr ps bundle

Current technology and scientific evidence show that treating lazy eye with binocular training allows:

  • more efficient recovery.
  • Improves visual acuity and 3D vision capacity (stereopsis).
  • Less treatment dropout rate.
  • Children are happier with a fun treat.
  • Need to wear the patch for less time (about 2 hours).

This is what Dicopt offers you. An effective treatment for amblyopia through virtual reality games.