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🎯 Adherence to treatment


Patients who have been treated with Dicopt comply with 86% of the indicated regimen compared to 40% of those who use only occlusion.

⏳ Recovery time


75% of patients who have been treated with Dicopt have used a treatment time equal to or less than 5 months

🎓 Scientific evidence


Dr. David Pinero

Poster by Dr. David Piñero at OPTOM 2022 about a clinical case treated with Dicopt


Dr. Amina El Rubaidi

Analysis of clinical cases treated by ophthalmologist Dr. Amina El Rubaidi

Vision therapy (TV) is an individualized process in which we train different visual skills to achieve optimal visual performance.

La dichoptic vision therapy (Dicoptic TV) presents each eye with different images of the same scene. The mechanism is the same as the classic stereoscope.


Thus, although each eye is presented with a different image (bi-ocular), we can achieve fusion and obtain a single image.

Dicopt uses virtual reality technology to create fun dicoptic games for amblyopia patients.


Science has proven the effectiveness of dichoptic exercises for the recovery of lazy eye vision:

The images of the games Dicopt contain 3 elements:
– Elements for the lazy eye
– Elements for the dominant eye
– Fusion elements

As an example, we use one of the games of Dicopt: selecting the left eye as amblyopic, it sees the enemy ships and the right (dominant) eye sees the friendly ship with which it fires the projectiles. The rest of the elements make it easier for us to see a single image since they are common to both eyes (fusion elements):

Screenshot 2022 07 13 at 15.30.54

Fusing both images, in the end what we see is this. A single image with all its elements:

Screenshot 2022 07 13 at 15.31.50

The intended use of Dicopt is with patients of anisometropic, strabismic, or mixed amblyopia, from 4 years of age.

That is, you can use Dicopt to:
– Anisometropic amblyopias and accommodative/intermittent strabismus.
– Non-strabismus binocular anomalies.

For patients with suppressed vision in the amblyopic eye, Dicopt offers an adjustable penalization system for the dominant eye.

Dicopt therapy mode is the main mode of Dicopt. The efficacy of this therapy has been scientifically proven to improve visual acuity and stereopsis in patients with amblyopia.

The vergence mode can be used in patients with insufficiency of convergence or divergence.

UFO Dynamic
Screenshot 2022 07 13 at 15.30.54
Screenshot 2022 05 19 08 49 44 com.vvision.dicopttest2

Therefore, Dicopt improves the following visual conditions:

  • Any non-strabismus binocular dysfunction
  • deletions
  • ocular motility skills
  • visuoperceptive skills

Thus, if you currently receive this type of patients, you can use Dicopt to perform a effective and fun visual therapy with better adherence than other solutions.


Dicopt is a CE marked medical device.

Here you can see videos with clinical cases of amblyopia patients treated with Dicopt by various specialists:

  • Download the latest poster of Dr. David Piñero at OPTOM 2022 about a clinical case treated with Dicopt
  • Webinar by Dr. David Piñero on clinical cases of amblyopia patients treated with Dicopt
  • Analysis of clinical cases treated by ophthalmologist Dr. Amina El Rubaidi

If you offer Dicopt to your patients…

  • They will be more satisfied.

  • Your work with them will be more efficient.

  • You will have more time to serve more customers.

  • They will see in your services a different element compared to the rest.

  • You will have monthly recurring income for each patient.

  • You will see the smile of the patients when you tell them that therapy is a game.

  • You will know remotely if the patient complies with the guideline.

In this 1 minute video you will understand how it works Dicopt in your query.

  • How long should Dicopt be used?

    • scientific evidence shows that 15-20 minutes a day of dichoptic training combined with moderate use of the patch (2 hours a day) gives the most optimal results.
  • How do I see the evolution of the patient?

    • Our patient management platform allows you to see the use that your patients make of Dicopt therapy, thus being able to assess their adherence to treatment and commitment.
    • Dicopt does not measure visual acuity or stereopsis, but it does allow you to see the progress in games. Each level more difficult than the previous one. If they are advancing, it is a good sign.
    • We recommend doing visual exams in the office to measure the improvement in visual acuity and stereopsis.
  • When do you start to notice improvements?

    • Each patient is different, you know this very well. If you go back to the video of Dr. Amina El Rubaidi or Dr. David Piñero, you will see cases in which in about 6-8 weeks the patient has significantly improved both visual acuity and stereopsis.
  • Is Dicopt interesting for my center?

    • Yes, totally. without a doubt
    • Unless you don't want to offer your patients a better solution than the existing ones, they see vision therapy as a nuisance and you don't want to differentiate yourself from other centers. In that case, you are not interested in Dicopt.

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