Visual therapy for lazy eye

Various clinical studies have revealed that binocular visual training using virtual reality is effective in amblyopia recovery combined with a moderate patch regimen.


A fun and effective therapy

We have found that Dicopt patients perform a more effective treatment. By adding a playful part, patients are more engaged in therapy.


professional monitoring

The usage data provided by Dicopt is of great value to specialists diagnosing and monitoring amblyopia. Until now, they did not have a technological tool like Dicopt.

Get the best visual therapy for lazy eyes that can be done at home and adapted to your needs!

Dicopt is an app that is installed on the mobile, which allows the patient to carry out the therapy anywhere, adapting to the lifestyle of each family.

Dicopt: the best therapy for your child

Read the testimony of Beatriz, Víctor's mother

Beatriz tells us about her experience and that of her son Víctor with the Dicopt vision therapy.

The binocular training he has done with Dicopt has helped him speed up recovery from lazy eye and reduce patch hours.

The Dicopt therapy regimen is easily incorporated into the daily life of the family and they have helped Víctor to be more committed to therapy.

Dr. Amina El Rubaidi and Dr. Borja Maroto

We conducted a pilot study with these ophthalmologists with 5 patients. The main pathologies were accommodative esotropias and anisometropic amblyopias. After 8 weeks the visual acuity of the patients improved significantly and the binocularity even more so.

The reports of use have been positively valued by the ophthalmologists, providing them with information about the compliance of the patients with the therapy.