World Health Day

How often do you visit the eye doctor or an eye specialist?

We may think that these types of consultations are not as necessary as those of other specialists, we cannot be more wrong, in fact, we should consider visiting the oculists as a “preventive maintenance” for the rest of your body.

 The eyes are the windows of the body. They are the only place where blood vessels can be seen in their natural state without having to resort to surgery. With each visual check of the blood supply, optometrists can detect many health conditions and problems, not just vision, just by taking a look at your eyes.

Maintain healthy eyesight and prevent lazy eye or amblyopia

Healthy brain function requires healthy eyesight. The brain is our most important organ, allowing us to live complex, fun and unique lives. Since the optic nerve connects the eyes and the brain, a healthy co-dependent relationship is necessary. 

By keeping your eyes healthy, you keep your brain healthy, improving your overall quality of life!

 Good vision contributes to improving athletic ability, improving driving ability, improving learning and understanding, and improving quality of life.

After knowing this, don't you see with the same eyes how necessary it is to go from time to time to a review to check the quality of your vision?

Our health has to be one of the priorities in life and sight is closely related to the quality of life we ​​have.

It is the best time to start taking care of ourselves and our eyes too, get it with Dicopt. 😀