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Dicopt Home for your patients to do pa therapy at home. Fun and effective vision therapy remotely, and profitable from the first patient.

Dicopt Office to do visual therapy with virtual reality in your center. Flat rate for all the patients you need.

Here is the recording of the March 8 Webinar

First of all, thank you to those who have signed up and have participated in the meeting. Your numerous contributions have been very interesting!

Get up to date with the most modern, effective and fun visual therapy

In the recording you will find:

  • Álvaro Perales, optometrist: for those of you who are not familiar, he tells us what Dicopt consists of, who it is for and what its functionalities are.
  • Felipe Sanchez, Dicopt user optometrist at the Bibegi Center (Vitoria) shares several success stories in detail with his patients.
  • Rafael Izquierdo, CEO of V-Vision, the company that created Dicopt, exposes the latest news:
    • A new game of vergences
    • Dicopt Office
    • Direct notifications to remote patients
  • Question Time

If you were unable to come and still have questions, please contact us.