Alternatives to the patch to cure lazy eye

What are the alternatives to the patch to cure lazy eye?

When the ophthalmologist detect a case of amblyopia or lazy eye in your child, surely the solution that comes to mind before is a patch. However, in the paragraphs that follow you will find other alternatives to cure lazy eye, as well as the new trend that more and more ophthalmologists recommend. Do you want to know what it is? We'll tell you then.

There are several ways Treat the amblyopia and strengthen the vision of the lazy eye by making the brain respond to images from the amblyopic eye in order to strengthen the vision of that lazy eye.

Firstly, glasses send a picture clear and focused to the brain, which helps to teach the "lazy" eye to start using it. This allows the brain to use both eyes together and develop normal vision.

However, in most cases, the use of glasses is not enough and must be reinforced in other ways.

El more common is the use of the patch. It is the fastest and most effective treatment. Its purpose is to penalize vision in the healthy or dominant eye.

In most cases, this is achieved by wearing an occlusion patch on the healthy or dominant eye constantly for several hours a day, varying on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the child wears the patch for the prescribed hours, which is undoubtedly a real challenge.

Another option would be atropine eye drops. With the application of these drops in the healthy eye, it is possible to hinder the vision of the dominant eye by dilating the pupil and, therefore, blurring its vision during the time it takes effect in order to force the brain to work with the lazy eye.

This treatment should not be done without the ophthalmologist's recommendation, as it can lead to side effects such as allergy, toxicity or discomfort from sunlight.

Finally, to clarify one of the confusions in this aspect. You have probably heard that, in the most serious and particular cases, there is the surgery

well, the surgery as such to cure the lazy eye, it is not possible, because does not exist. However, some of the causes of lazy eye or amblyopia can be corrected with surgery, such as congenital cataracts, severe strabismus, ptosis...

Dicopt: virtual reality as a cure for the lazy eye

Generally, the first reactions of families upon learning of this type of visual therapies they are amazing They wonder how it is possible for video games to become part of vision therapy.

When ophthalmologists explain the scientific rationale and the benefits of this type of therapy, Especially emphasizing the commitment and fun that children achieve, parents are eager to try our product and incorporate it into their daily routine.

In fact, it is usually the children themselves who encourage their parents to opt for a treatment like this once they have tried virtual reality therapy in the consultation through the video game.

However, more and more parents have developed their professional and personal lives in digital environments and in constant contact with technology. Therefore, it is less shocking to include a digital product within a vision therapy treatment.

With Dicopt we want all parties to improve their quality of life and way of working.

On one hand, children see reduced patch use time. Many little ones refuse to wear it for so many hours, either because it can cause them fatigue or because it can affect them socially at school.

Thanks to visual therapy that we offer at Dicopt, children will see the time of use of the patch reduced.

With Dicopt, parents have a active, fun and autonomous alternative to solve your child's vision problem. The little ones will not resist when it comes to following their corresponding occlusion pattern.

All this without mentioning the autonomy that this treatment offers. The child performs his own therapy without requiring any parental intervention.

In addition, with the traditional methods, the results were not a 100% data source for the specialists, since they did not know for sure the real adherence beyond the data offered by the relatives.

However, with Dicopt, its specialists receive usage statistics, dates and times of play to be able to evaluate this important parameter of recovery from lazy eye.


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