Improve amblyopia with virtual reality games

How to improve amblyopia with virtual reality games?

The article that you are going to read below details how is it possible to correct amblyopia or lazy eye with videogames thanks to the treatment that we have developed in Dicopt with Virtual Reality, offering gratifying results for both patients and parents of children who practice this therapy, as well as the positive points of this treatment for follow-up by specialists.

The therapy par excellence for amblyopia generally consists of correction of any refractive error significant and occlusion of the non-amblyopic eye to stimulate the use of the amblyopic eye.

What is amblyopia?

That is, amblyopia is the reduction of vision in one eye caused by visual development. The brain, as the visual system develops, perceives the signal from one eye better than the other.

This is how, automatically, the brain decides to work only with the eye which best information it transmits, leaving the other eye isolated and thus forming what is known as lazy eye or lazy eye.

The most common treatment used is the placement of a patch on the child's lazy eye.

Among the disadvantages of this occlusion therapy for amblyopia there is the significant commitment of time required, both by the child (who is the one who wears the patch) and by the parent or teacher (who must ensure that the hours of use are met).

In addition, non-compliance with the treatment guidelines leads to its failure, either because it is uncomfortable to take, or because the child does not like the treatment..., whatever it may be, the child opposes resistance to it. type of treatment.

Dicopt treatment for amblyopia

To avoid all of the above, at Dicopt we have developed a treatment for amblyopia that allows both eyes to work at the same time, thus improving visual acuity in a pleasant format for children.

This is a potentially new treatment method for amblyopia by encouraging clinicians to two eyes to work together to assimilate two separate images into a coherent image.

But, the most amazing thing is the tool that we have developed. Through Virtual Reality and the use of video games, children potentially improve treatment compliance.

With this kind of nucleoside, children show their satisfaction and commitment when performing their exercises, thus improving their visual acuity.

As for families and specialists, this therapy allows you to see progress in real time, optimize times and above all personalization, since the treatment can be adapted to each patient based on compliance with Dicopt therapy with the reports that are generated for the ophthalmologist.


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