How important is the commitment of the patient in the effectiveness of Vision Therapy?

three important pillars

3 pillars are needed for vision therapy to be effective:

  • The commitment of the patient and his environment.
  • Skills and specialist training.
  • Follow-up and regular evaluations of the patient's evolution.

Children's affinity for technology and especially mobile and gaming devices is undeniable. To play It has always been the best method for children to perform therapies or be distracted while they have to be treated. Turning vision therapy into a game will make them happier and more willing to follow the indicated pattern.

tv pillars

How does it improve performance with the game?

Incorporation video games in vision therapy makes el Patient engagement increases significantly. Vision therapy patients who use Dicopt, they do a regular and constant job throughout the weeks. At least they do visual therapy sessions 4 days a week of 15 to 20 minutes each. 

Specialists who have used Dicopt with their patients have verified a Substantial improvement in the patient's commitment to the daily work of vision therapy, and by extension its effectiveness, compared to other vision therapy options at home.

Discover the cases in which Dicopt has helped patients and specialists in the recovery of lazy eye or amblyopia through virtual reality games