Scientific evidence in the treatment of amblyopia

Scientific evidence is fundamental in the use of technology to treat lazy eye.

Why do we believe in clinical trials and tests to treat amblyopia?

All scientific and technological progress, in any field, always goes hand in hand with the rigor of scientific tests and the evidence demonstrated by the community. Given the Dicopt It was an incipient project, we have been very clear that scientific evidence, the study of publications and clinical trials and being surrounded by the best specialists in visual health were key factors.

From the development of vaccines to the use of artificial intelligence to aid diagnosis, we have seen the scientific community work hand in hand with technology to improve our health.

We have made great progress on this project by providing usage data to specialists who recommend Dicopt to their patients. And to contribute to the scientific evidence on how vision therapy helps in the recovery of amblyopia or lazy eye, last week we held a webinar in collaboration with optoacademy and David Piñero, Doctor in Optometry and Researcher at the University of Alicante.

In this webinar, Dr. David Piñero summarized the latest scientific publications on dichoptic visual therapy for amblyopia, commenting on the main results and aspects to take into account of this type of treatment.

Next, both Dr. David Piñero and the Dicopt team comment on the results of the latest patients who have undergone Dicopt vision therapy. In summary, it is observed that the virtual reality visual therapy of our system improves the visual acuity and stereopsis of lazy eye patients. It is important that in these patients the suppression has been lifted and they have some capacity for binocular vision.

If you want to access the complete webinar as well as an exclusive offer, go to the following link and leave us your information. You will immediately receive the webinar and your discount code in your email.

Access to the Dicopt webinar with Optoacademy and Dr. David Piñero


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