Can lazy eye get worse?

Visual System Function

From the moment we are born, our visual system begins to develop.

In this process of evolution, the eyes capture and transmit the images to the brain, while the visual cortex is in charge of processing and interpreting them.

When something interferes in this process, it affects the development that we mentioned earlier and the brain cannot recognize the sight of both eyes because the insights it comes in shape uneven or asymmetrical.

This is known as lazy eye or amblyopia.

But we already know this because we have dealt with it in previous articles. If, in your case, this is the first article you read on our blog, we recommend reading the rest to be fully informed about amblyopia or lazy eye.

detection of amblyopia

Detection of amblyopia is complex because lazy eye symptoms go almost unnoticed. We must bear in mind that our visual system takes as normal that the brain only works with one eye, hence the difficulty in realizing for ourselves that we have amblyopia.

In addition, this visual problem usually occurs in children, so it is somewhat more complex for them to be aware of detecting amblyopia.

In case of not treating amblyopia in due time, the brain will tend to work more with the good eye, not working with the lazy eye. This will make amblyopia increases and consequently worsen.

This does not mean that, once the child fully develops his visual system, amblyopia cannot be solved.

Fixing a leak in a pipe that is basically a drip is not the same as waiting for the break to widen over time and end up leaking liters.

For both cases there is a solution, but the sooner it is detected and resolved, the better.

Therefore, although in Dicopt we have shown in adult cases that improving visual acuity in adulthood is possible, experts recommend treating amblyopia at the earliest possible age.

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