Advantages of Dicopt to cure lazy eye

cure lazy eye

Dicopt is a solution based on Virtual Reality that allows the patient to treat the lazy eye through video games, being able to reduce recovery time compared to more traditional methods.

Our experts assure that the results obtained are very positive in terms of the recovery of binocular vision in children, and this is corroborated by the evolution achieved in our patients, improving their visual acuity and stereopsis.

Visual Therapy Results

Specifically, with Dicopt we have achieved:

  • An improvement in visual acuity, from 0.6 to 0.8 after eight weeks of starting Dicopt.
  • A stereopsis improvement: 240 to 120 arc seconds after just eight weeks of starting Dicopt.

An efficiency that resides in the stimulation of the joint work of both eyes through dynamic, entertaining and challenging games, designed to progressively increase the difficulty, generating a continuous feeling of reward that encourages user involvement.

The little ones reduce the hours of use of the patch and even avoid having to take it to school. However, Dicopt has managed to increase children's engagement through its interactive therapy.

Thanks to our product, they will be able to see their children's progress on a regular basis, being a reliable and useful source of information both for them and for specialists.

After months of work with the Agency for Medicines and Health Products AEMPS, Dicopt has obtained the Health Product license and the CE self-marking, so we guarantee compliance with current European regulations to be marketed.

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